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Plastic pipes and hose exrusion lines are produced in accordance to
The customer’s order.Special purpose pipes,wastewater pipes,clean water
Pipes,installation pipes,irrigation hoses,braided,shielded,industrial hoses,
Medical tubes,food industry hoses,rubber and silicone basedhose,PE,PP,
PPR,PPRC,PVC based are produced according to the production of pipes and
We provide all silicone and rubber extruder and extruder machines equipment’s
With the apropriate capacity for the line.ınstalled EPDM Reclaimed rubber
and gasket with siliconesuitable exruder machines work,seals,höse and cable
manufacturing equipment as a complete switch delivered.
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Industrial Demir Makine with over 25 years of experience with expert staff
Team,Also ability to manufacture special profile and plastic panel machines
And all kinds of plastic(soft,rigid,PVC)Appropriate design of the machine
İs always with you.
We study all parts of the machine (screwbarrel/motor-reducer)and the properties
Of plastic,Offering the perfect choice for the customers,while considering
discounts in machinery costs.The manufacture of machines and equipment
in order to maximize efficiency and minimum energy consumption.
Demir Makine industrial organizations,Since its establishing untilthis day
We Specialize in serving cable-wire izolation lines,thinning,twisting,winding
coils and transferring machines.Plastics extrusion lines 24-26-28-30 L/D screw-barrel
kits with the appropriate motor-gearbox selection through PE,XLPE,PVC,
silicone and rubber extrusion with maximum efficiency and minimum energy
consumption be considered